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Hello Fellow Citizens –  

My name is Jeff Pittel and I am humbly requesting to represent you as State Senator in Michigan’s 12th District.   My political party affiliation is Libertarian, which is now a major political party under Michigan State law,  and is growing due to the citizen’s disaffection with the current political party duopoly.  

As a Libertarian, we advocate minimum Government involvement in the Citizen’s private and commercial interactions and our philosophy can be succinctly summarized as – Smaller Government, Lower Taxes, and More Freedom.    In other words, to quote from our State Platform – Government at all levels should be limited to the essential services necessary to uphold individual rights, maintain public order, and adjudicate disputes. 

The policy issues I support include the repeal and/or reform of mandatory sentencing laws, the repeal of Civil Asset forfeiture, elimination of Corporate welfare through tax abatements and other subsidies, improving voter access and voter registration, eliminating statutes that enable gerrymandering, and drug policy reform.   

The key issues confronting this State include poor educational performance, for which I would advocate use of educational vouchers to expand educational choice; poor infrastructure,  for which I would advocate increased user fees;  and environmental stewardship, for which I would advocate a revision on the Industrial Facilities Tax as championed by our Gubernatorial Candidate Bill Gelineau.  

On a personal level, I am a lifelong resident of Michigan and resident of Oakland County since 1989.  I have a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Engineering from the University of Michigan, have been employed in private industry my entire adult life, and have been married 29 years with three grown children.  

I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to represent the Citizens of this District, and would conclude by saying that I am not receiving funding or being endorsed by any Political Action Committee, due to my principled stand that the Government should not provide any special tax incentives or statutory favoritism to any advocacy group, business trade group, or Corporate entity.  As a Libertarian, I truly have a grass roots campaign and am committed to advancing the freedoms of the citizenry.  

Thank you for your consideration.

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Guiding Principles

Serving The Community

My Candicacy is dedicated to the sole purpose of serving my fellow citizen in the spirit of my Savior, Jesus Christ.   As his Servant, the needs of my Brother precedes my needs, and thus I humbly request your vote to represent and serve you. 

Committed to Michigan

We are Blessed to live in this beautiful State.  As your Senator, I am committed to preserving our natural areas and the water quality of the Great Lakes Basin. I am also committed to improving our Education and Infrastructure.  

Dedicated to Liberty

I will work diligently with either major party to enact or in many cases repeal legislation, statues and regulations which mandate, restrict or otherwise inhibit the free interaction, association, business transactions, and contractual relations between consenting adult parties.  

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248-481-9823 with any questions or comments.   

I appreciate your consideration. 

Jeff Pittel (L) with Gary Johnson *

* Libertarian Party 

Presidential Candidate 2016

U.S. Senate Candidate New Mexico 2018

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