Platform on Key State Issues


 My top goal is to reform, restructure and evolve our State’s Educational Policies to improve our educational performance.  Libertarian education policy changes I advocate are implementation of school vouchers; Public district consolidation; and reduction/abolishment of State and ISD bureaucracy.   A voucher program enables a myriad of educational options – Public, Private, Parochial, Charter, Home, On-line and Trade School.  The State’s role is determining voucher eligibility via Standardized Tests, and bureaucratic reduction will increase Public teacher compensation.  


Infrastructure spending has increased over 30% since implementation of higher gas tax and registration fees in 2016.  I do not support any additional taxes to fund road repair.  I will support direct user road fees such as tolls and do not support any mass transit subsidy.  Given that transportation and mobility are in a period of significant disruption with automation and ride sharing, I do not support significant increases in existing road infrastructure, unless in collaboration with a private entity (e.g., mobility provider) .   


 The State has an obligation to mitigate environmental damage to the waters and groundwaters of the Great Lakes Basin.   As sewage overflows and  storm + agricultural run-off constitute the greatest threat to water quality, the State should increase user fees to replace aging sewer systems and monitor, enforce, and penalize those responsible for environmental contamination.  Taxes on fertilizers and other potential contaminants should be considered to discourage use and provide funding for aforementioned activities.  Despite safe record, Enbridge Line 5 should be decommissioned due to inherent risk.  

Election Reform

 I support increasing the election participation rate of the citizenry by allowing early voting and expansion of absentee voting.  I also support efforts to eliminate gerrymandering by ending partisan redistricting and advocate ranked choice voting to break the electoral duopoly resulting from the existing voting regime.   I would permit political parties to nominate candidates for the General Election through their own conventions and procedures outside a subsidized Primary process and would abolish Campaign Finance Laws which require funding disclosure. Petition circulation time should be extended beyond 6 months.  

Criminal Justice

 Current vice laws and their enforcement disproportionately target poor and minorities, therefore I advocate the repeal of all laws criminalizing gambling, the possession and sale of drugs and alcohol, and sexual relations between consenting adults.   Alcohol and drug addiction should be treated as a health issue, and all civil asset forfeiture should be abolished.  The right of trial by jury should be allowed in all civil and criminal cases and said juries should be granted the right to acquit defendants of laws which they deem unjust, oppressive or inappropriately applied.    

Economy & Job Creation

 I would remove most State Occupational Licensing and allow professional organizations to certify their own members per their own criteria.   Employer mandates dictating employee benefits, wages and employment conditions should be repealed to encourage job growth and improve businesses ability to hire and terminate employment.   Employer’s regulatory burden should be reduced to improve businesses competitive position relative to other States.  Employees should be free to form labor Unions to provide collective bargaining and immigration should be encouraged to alleviate labor shortages.